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The Cricut Design Space application a software suite for designing and managing Cricut cutting machine projects. Interface intuitive and easy to use. It has a variety features such as a library of fonts, tool for creating shapes and cut lines,a feature for adding text. It has an option for adding shapes cutting lines with variety settings, such as size, rotation, color. Can also be synced with Design Space website, which has access a library of shapes, fonts, images. An application Cricut Design Space Mac cutting different materials such as paper, fabric, cardstock, vinyl more. It is available for both iOS and Android.


The interface Cricut Design Space download simple and easy to use. There are four main tabs: Fonts, Shapes, and Text. The tab has a library of pre-made designs that can be downloaded then edited. Fonts tab has a library of fonts to choose from, as well as a preview of font. Shapes tab has a library shapes that can be added, along with the option to edit size and color. Text tab has option to add text onto as well as the option to change the font and color.

Under each tab there are sub-tabs that can be accessed by clicking on them. For example, under tab there is sub-tab for uploading under Text tab there is a sub-tab for adding text to install Cricut Design Space app.

Interface of app a bit different from other apps, but it is very well designed and simple. There are three tabs on top of screen: Design Space, Projects, My Cart.


Cricut Design Space PC windows is very easy to use. Toolbar on left of the screen shows options for current screen. Toolbar on right of screen has option of changing view. There is also a preset tab on toolbar for common features such as the size color of the shape, type of cut. The app Cricut Design Space install is very easy to use, it doesn't have any complicated menus or settings. Features are right on the main screen. It is very intuitive and easy to navigate.


There is a feature that has a library of shapes, fonts, and images. This can be accessed through the Designs tab. There is also a feature for editing, including shapes, cut lines, and text. This can be accessed through tab. This can be accessed through download Cricut Design Space laptop the graphics tab. Space has a lot features such as a library that contains over 100 fonts, a material library with over 300 different materials. Has ability to preview on a virtual canvas before cutting, a feature that lets you use shapes with a drag and drop feature.


The Cricut Design Space app has a help feature that is accessible by clicking on Help. This has a variety tutorials for the different features of app. There is also a FAQ that has a variety answers for common questions. Provides customer download Cricut Design Space for windows support in form FAQs tutorials on how to use app. You can also contact them by email or live chat.


  • What is best way to get to Cricut Design Space download free Help Page?
    Home page click on "Help" button in the top navigation bar.
  • How do I make video?
    You can make a video by capturing your screen in your browser.
  • How do I get help with Design Space?
    Offers a help page with tutorials and FAQs.
  • How do I access Help page?
    There is a Help button on top navigation bar of home page.
  • Why does not cut?
    May not be able to read the file type. The proper extension (.svg, .pdf, .eps, .ai) should be used for your graphics.


Overall, the Cricut Design Space free app app is very intuitive and easy to use. The variety of features and the intuitive interface make it a great choice for graphics and managing Cricut projects.

Cricut Design Space App for Free